Fashion And Style

Fashion Tips for Work: What You Should Never Wear Your attire for work will be affected by a lot of factors. Your institution’s policy on wearing uniforms or just any outfit will tell you what you should wear. Your decision on which outfit to choose should also conform to these standards: Women should avoid wearing cleavage tops. There are tops that will flatter your face and neck area. There can also be those that will be distracting. The perception of the level of professionalism can be reduced. It may also be quite difficult to move around and perform tasks when wearing these kinds of clothes. You don’t need to have close-neck tops. Anything that is decent to look at can be a good alternative for tops that show your cleavage. The length of your skirt or shorts should also be taken into account. Some institutions have strict regulations against wearing short clothing. Your movement will be very limited if you are wearing short skirts or shorts. Save your skimpy outfits for the late night parties and other get-togethers. These clothes are not ideal for a professional setting. The amount of effort that you have put in to your performance at work can be easily degraded because of the outfit that you have on you. Casual tees should also be avoided. Your casual clothes are not recommended for work. Most importantly, avoid wearing those that have statements written in front or at the back of the shirt. The colors of the shirts may also dictate if they are appropriate or not. Brightly colored shirts might be too animated for some offices. Use blouses that have collars. Button down shirts are considered office staples. You have to make sure that your cabinet has button down shirts or dress shirts. Ripped materials are likewise not ideal. They can look too rugged for the work that any person might be doing in the office. Some may also perceive the tattered parts as unintentional. This can affect how a person will look in the eyes of co-workers and customers. Jeans may be very comfortable. But they can be too casual for the office. Keep away from wearing jackets, skirts or pants that are made with jeans. You will have an easier time creating a professional look if you are to avoid this material from getting into your wardrobe for the office. Some office workers might also wear leggings. Leggings should not become substitutes for pants. Even if they are worn with long blouses or a tunic, they won’t be appropriate. You should always have several pairs of slacks for your use in the office. They are very comfortable and they can be used for almost any occasion. The shoes that you have for work have to conform to particular standards as well. Avoid wearing flip-flops, rubber or plastic shoes. The best shoes are those that are comfortable. Closed shoes are the most ideal. You should likewise be mindful of the accessories that you are going to wear. You should not put on a baseball cap even if you are having a bad hair day.

What Is Your Fashion Style?

When it comes to clothing do you usually stick to one particular style or should you be called a fashion scientist due to the tremendous amount of attention you pay to trends. It can also be possible that you are not aware of your personal style. Whether you are aware of your style or not read this guide to learn a little bit more about it and what changes you can make (if desire). 1. Sexy Lexis- Lexis is all about wearing clothes that reveal skin such as cleavage and fit extra tight. She may feel that conservative or unrevealing clothing are only for older people. Lexis might need to learn when to tone down her sexy image. For example: She should avoid walking in to church wearing a blouse with a plunging neckline. Unless, she is ready to receive a few dirty looks. 2. Care-Lesley- She wonders: What is Fashion? Can I eat with cheese? She really does not know what the latest trend is and frankly can care less. Lesley should try something new once in a while just for fun and avoid getting stuck on a specific style. 3. Rebellious Chica-She makes her own rules when it comes to fashion. Avoids to all extends looking like everyone else. Just like sexy lexis some circumstances will require toning down her personal style. On a job interview she should conform to the expected attire standards. At least until she lands the job. 4. Fashion Diva-Her middle name is style. Always on top of her image and hates to be seen more than once wearing an outfit. Keeping up with fashion trends can get quite expensive. She needs to watch her finances closely in order to avoid overspending. 5. Sporty Lady- She loves her jeans and sneakers and will not go anywhere with out them. She should play dress up once in a while. This will help her look and feel better, even if the changes are temporary. 6. Comfy Carmen-Carmen is all about comfort. She chooses her attire based on the way it feels. She should steer away from bulky looking shoes that will make her feet look wider or bigger and clothing that fit too loosely. Clothes that are too big will make anyone look heavier and older. 7. Elegant Elenin- Elenin is always dress to impress. She will not allow anyone to see her dressed down. However, it will be beneficial for her to loosen up or dress comfortably once in a while. People can not look perfect all the time. 8. Stuck in time- This type of person does not remember the last time she bought a piece of clothing. She will not stop wearing her clothes until it has a hole in it. She should avoid using the same clothing for too many years until it comes back in style (20 years later). 9. Balanced Brianna- She probably has one of the other personal styles mentioned in this guide but, understands clearly the certain situations require she dresses up or down. She will not be hesitant to try a new style as long as it does not make her look like a fool.